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1x  Amuse 500 ml water bottle with name
1x Medium Amuse lunch box with name
1x Personalised clothing stamp
1x Rectangular amuse fruit box/biscuit box with name
1x Round amuse fruit box/biscuit box with name

Order this set easily, cheaply, and quickly.
Choose your design, choose your theme and combine different colours of adhesive labels.
Finally, put your name on it in an attractive font. Above, you can immediately see what your set will look like.

- Lunchbox, fruitbox, biscuit box and water bottle from the Belgian brand Amuse. 
- Size lunchbox: 18,5 x 12,5 x 5 cm + strap included!
- Size fruitbox/biscuit box rectangular: 11 x 8,5 x 4 cm
- Size fruitbox/biscuit box round: 11 x 11 cm
- Contents water bottle: 500ml - Never put in the freezer or microwave
- Clothing stamp with name: With our textile stamp, you can mark a lot of clothing quickly. They are large and legible enough to subtly label your clothes. You can wash the clothes at 60° C, and the stamp still remains visible for up to 30 washes! The name stamp can be used up to 900 times.
30 small name labels: 3 x 1 cm

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