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Choose your design, choose your theme and combine different colors of adhesive labels.
Put a name on it in a nice font. Above you can immediately see what you will look like.

Our adhesive labels have a super-adhesive adhesive layer, which makes them dishwasher safe.

This package consists of the 3 most sold labels you can label everything (from large to small).

- 25 pcs medium name labels 6 x 2 cm
- 30 pieces of mini name labels 3.8 x 0.6 cm
- 30 pieces of textile name labels 2.5 x 1.5 cm

With our textile stamp you can mark a lot of clothing in a short time. Large enough and legible to subtly label your clothes. You can wash the clothes at 60° and the stamp remains visible up to 30 washes! With the name stamp you can stamp up to 900 times. You can personalize the textile stamp with name and/or telephone number on 1 of 2 text lines and an icon attached.

In addition to our handy textile name stickers and iron-on labels, we now also have a name stamp in our range! To the crèche, to camp with the youth movement or sports camp, to school? Label all your entire pile of garments very easily in a quick way with our clothing stamp with name.
It is best to wash new clothes before stamping. Do you want to brand dark clothes? Then it is best to use one of our textile labels.

When you wash clothing at 60°, the clothing stamp remains visible for up to 30 washes
Yes can stamp about 900 times with the clothing stamp
The dimensions of the ink pad are 40 x 15 mm

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